presidential shingle

What is a Presidential Shingle?

What is a presidential shingle, and should you invest in the upgrade?  Presidential shake type shingles are a luxury class shingle with the look …

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Colorado Springs Home with new roof by Integrity Roofing & Painting

Colorado Springs Roofing and Coronavirus

With current standards for social distancing every Colorado Springs roofer should adjust how the roofing team tears off existing roofs, cleans existing roofs, installs …

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Colorado Springs Roofing

Should I upgrade to Class 4 Shingles?

Are impact resistant Class 4 Shingles worth the upgrade expense? Roofers that have been roofing Colorado Springs for many years understand the value of …

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Emergency Roofing After Severe Weather

In order to serve you better we have implemented necessary changes. The recent catastrophic hailstorm resulting in widespread damage to our community necessitating a …

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